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1. Why are there eBanners of Vendors found in our web?
Our website is supported by Vendors. Vendors place their link of latest technology or product information into the eBanner. A click on the eBanner will directed to the web suggested by vendors.
2. Is there any Traffic Monitoring in our web?
Yes, there are traffic monitoring in our web, the statistics will help us to plan for further development of our site.
3. How are Payments done?
We suggest you pay by PayPal which is a versatile and secure method of payment online. You can use a variety of Credit cards. As payment is fast, we can confirm your payment to events in your earliest convenience. Moreover, it is also an environmental friendly way to pay.
4. What are the main Considerations of the new Website development?
Simple is beautiful. Our Aim is to provide a simple yet powerful website that is handy and helpful to our members and professionals. You can find links to relevant Education and Events. The new Program Calendars assist you to plan for CPD acquisitions. You can also find the most up-to-the-minute information and if you want to register, it is effortless. Try to explore the site by yourself and feel its usefulness.
5. What is the Roadmap of the site development?
HKRA web development team is formed by July 2011. Then we go through the selection of commercial web designers, web page drafting, website demo, CMS upload of historical information, testing etc. It takes one whole year from planning to the inception of our site.
6. Why is the update of information so speedy in the new web?
When developing, we add Content Management System into the website. Therefore, information can be input with ease without the need to amend static web page.
7. What is the function of YouTube?
HKRA YouTube is most useful for dispatching Educational videos. Nowadays educational associations commonly employ YouTube for videos. Members are invited to share interesting videos.
8. Can I share education or professional information through HKRA web?
Your contribution to our information database is always welcome. Our Academic Secretaries will collect and upload your valuable information according to our Principle of Acceptance.
9. What is the function of Facebook?
Facebook is another nice way to communicate and link up our members. You can also use some unique functions like polling and join events etc via Facebook.
10. Who are the Co-ordinators of HKRA?
Co-ordinators are key connection between HKRA and their members or professionals. They are on volunteers’ basis but can be approach anytime when professionals want to ask a question about HKRA.
11. Any Environmental Friendly principle incorporated in the new website?
We go green by reducing papers. Information was uploaded to our site for viewing anytime anywhere. Payment by electronic means and communication through emails are our major move towards tree saving.
12. How can I search an event in HKRA website?
We take up Google Search as our search engine. You can type in any keywords for site searching.
13. Can I share Event photos with HKRA galleries?
An HKRA gallery is for photos sharing. Events photos or group photos can be shared in our web. However size is reduced to improve the speed. Group photos are also welcomed and we can make use of these photos to refresh our website.
14. How can My Profile help to maintain my CPD record?
You can register Events that are already in our database. These CPD records are added to your profile and you can list all the events and their CPD for a certain assigned period. For all events that are not in our list, members can add them to their profiles on their free will. They will also be counted in their CPD records.
15. What are the foremost functions of HKRA web?
They include but not limited to Education and Events, Hot News, Interest Cases, Program Calendar and Calculation, Newsletters, Download Areas, Galleries and Member Activities. Try to explore and make full use of the new web.
16. How often Newsletter is be published?
Newsletters or eBulletin are published at least biannually. Special editions of eBulletin are issued when necessary.
17. How are Information dispatched?
Relevant Information can be viewed via our Web, Facebook or YouTube. Moreover, information is distributed by emails,so make sure your email account is valid.
18. Forget your Login / Password?
Your login is your Registration number i.e. RDxxxx or RTxxxx. Your initial password will be mailed to you. Please do not disclose your password to preserve privacy.
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