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Future development of contrast media
Category : CT
CT nanoparticle-based contrast agents are all investigational; and at this point all preclinical but they're out there. In a few years, the tiny contrast agent delivery vehicles, which work well in animals, could greatly affect the diagnosis and treatment of disease in humans. That's according to David Cormode, PhD, assistant professor of radiology at the University of Pennsylvania.
"If you compare the Earth to the size of a soccer ball, it's about 58 millionth of the size," he said. "Going from [the soccer ball] to a nanoparticle, it's about the same factor of difference in sizes."
Nanoparticles are designed to be long-lasting contrast agents that do not need to be readministered in the case of multiple exams being acquired over several hours or potentially even days, Cormode said.
"You can use extract several different parameters at the same time".
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