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Brainlab Celebrates 625th installation of ExacTrac X-Ray Monitoring System
Category : RT
Brainlab announced the installation of the 625th ExacTrac X-Ray. ExacTrac X-Ray provides sub-millimetric precison and a unique approach for solving the complexities associated with intra-fractional patient motion by internally verifying the patient’s position with stereoscopic X-ray at the time of treatment, even at non-coplanar couch positions. ExacTrac X-Ray monitoring is especially valuable for cranial stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and spinal stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) treatments.

Clinicians are able to use ExacTrac X-Ray technology for patient setup as well as patient monitoring throughout treatment delivery. It allows the continuous verification of the patient’s position—at any point during treatment—based on internal anatomy and regardless of technique or couch position.

ExacTrac can be installed on any linear accelerator system complementing the LINAC with the unique ability to detect intra-fractional motion based on the patient’s internal anatomy.

The 625th ExacTrac X-Ray was installed in September 2014.

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