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By-election nomination of ExCo (Therapeutic stream) for 2014 -2015
Dear Members, By-Election Nomination of HKRA Executive Committee Member In March, our dearest friend and exco-member (welfare secretary) Mr. Murphy, Chiu Siu Hau (Radiation Therapist I, Prince of Wales Hospital) had passed away. According to the HKRA constitution 7.2, the Executive Committee shall consist of twelve to fifteen members and at least four members shall be from each of the two streams: diagnostic and therapeutic. Therefore, we have to conduct a by-election in the Annual General Meeting to fill a vacancy of therapeutic stream to serve until the AGM in 2015. Please note the following rule for ExCo election: ♦ Only voting HKRA members have the right to nominate candidates and be nominated for ExCo election. During the AGM, voting members will be given election ballots. Election result will then be announced before the annual dinner. Please fill out the nomination form annexed, and send it to our Secretariat by fax or before the deadline on 25th April 2014.
Modify Date : 16-04-2014
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